Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Poisoned Spring

            The Arab Spring has turned to a cesspool of radicalism and violence.  As usual, the religious fanatics, who underpin the continuous upheaval in the Middle East, directed their violence at America. 
            In Egypt and Libya mobs overran our embassy and consulate.  Tragically, our Libyan ambassador and three other Americans were killed. This, on the same day when, here in the United States, we hung out our flags, stood silent for a few moments in prayer for the nearly 2,800 people killed on 9/11 - and remembered that beautiful cloudless day eleven years ago when we watched in horror as American planes were flown into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a rural field in Pennsylvania, piloted by 19 middle eastern terrorists.
            As I watched the American flag that had flown over our embassy in Cairo being shredded and desecrated by the intruding mob, I was even more appalled to hear the lame response to that scene by the Obama state department. No surprise in Obama's America.
            Congress is set to return to work briefly before recessing again until after the election.  The first order of business should be to cut off all American aid to both Egypt and Libya.  Immediately and emphatically! 
            We dole out nearly two billion a year to Egypt, mostly for its military, and millions in “humanitarian” aid to Libya.  America is broke.  We have a ballooning debt that now tops 16-trillion dollars and grows daily.  Here is a way for Congress to begin the trimming of federal spending we have been promised by both political parties.
            Egypt’s newly installed government blames the mob violence on the writings of an Egyptian Coptic Christian living in America which insult the Muslim faith.  There was, of course, no mention by those who now govern Egypt about the killing of Coptic Christians in their country or the destruction of Coptic churches since the onset of the Arab Spring.
            In the United States such “insults” are protected by free speech.  So is booing the reinsertion of God, and recognizing Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel, into the platform of the Democrat Party.  We may cringe at the booing, but respect the right to boo even God.
            In America we can give voice to our dissenting beliefs without fear of violence. It is this constitutionally protected right of free speech that makes America a true democratic republic. It is what sets us apart.  It is one of our great strengths. It is a reason to thank God each day for the privilege of being called an American. 
            Now we mourn four Americans who died because free speech is a right practiced only by a murderous mod and religious freedom belongs only to those adhere to Muslim beliefs. 

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