Tuesday, August 7, 2012


It is enough to make Pinocchio blush - Harry Reid's pernicious charge that Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney did not pay income taxes for ten years.
The story of Pinocchio should be required reading for the Democrat Senate Majority Leader.  It is apparent from his shameful, blind-sourced accusations of tax evasion by Romney, Reid has not had his "long" nose in any book of any merit lately.
Most shameful of all is Reid used the sanctity of the well of the Senate to declare he had been told by an "unnamed" source of Romney's tax evasion.  As a senator, speaking within the sanctuary of the senate chamber, Reid is immune from being sued for libel.
Romney promptly repudiated Reid's charges and said indeed he had paid his income taxes for the ten years referenced by Reid, and had paid a lot of taxes. 
If, by some stretch of Pinocchio's long nose, there was any truth in Reid's allegations of tax fraud by Romney, why is the Internal Revenue Service not investigating?
I did not hear Reid call for such an investigation.  Did you? 
He is the leader of the Senate and an attorney, who took oaths in both capacities to uphold the laws of this country and its Constitution.  After all, Romney is rich. God knows the country needs the money.
And why are other Democrats not demanding an investigation by the IRS.
The silence from the Democrat side has been deafening.  Except, of course, for "puddin head" Pelosi, whose vacuous mind is rivaled only by the inanity of the words that pour forth through her well-botoxed lips whenever a microphone is close - like the memorable and ever enlightening statement that Obamacare would have to pass in order to know what was in it.
Reid's accusation is a new low for American politics.  To recognize how low, instead of calling something like this "dirty politics" in the future we should simply say that a victim of such scurrilous lies has been "dirty Harry'd."
There is one book I would like to recommend the Majority Leader read - The Bible.  In Exodus he will find one of God's ten commandments given to Moses - the one that commands "Do not bear false witness against thy neighbor." (Harry, that's Biblical jargon for DO NOT LIE.)
Reid could also take a few pointers from Pinocchio on how to shorten his nose.

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