Thursday, November 4, 2010


Third time is charm for President Obama. After two postponements he is finally off to Asia for a fun ten day trip.
He can get away from the rebuke given him Tuesday by American voters; get away from the growing clamor for a different kind of change from within his own Democrat ranks; get away from those pesky conservative talk show hosts and bloggers who are asking what value the American public will get for picking up the tab for this latest Obama junket.
And that tab is big, really, really big - $200,000,000 per day. Yes, for math challenged folks like myself your eyes do not deceive you. That is 200-million per day.
That's what it costs for 40 planes including both Air Force One's, 3,000-plus people, booking all 500-plus rooms at the posh Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai for two days before the Obama entourage heads to New Delhi. And that's just the first three days of the ten day itinerary.
Those ten days will cost one tenth of what Hoosiers spend on educating our children for one year.
It would pay the full cost of health insurance coverage for nearly two-million American working families for one year.
Just one day of Obama travel would feed all the needy families across America who get help from thousands of food pantries for an estimated three months.
If the cost of the trip was applied to the national debt, American taxpayers would save about 40-million dollars in interest.
Most of all, 200-million a day would put paychecks in the pockets of a lot of unemployed Americans.
There are no treaties to be signed, no trade agreements to be negotiated, no walls to be torn down; really not much of anything to be accomplished except to give a president, imbued with far to much pomp and circumstance, a great sight seeing opportunity.

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