Sunday, October 31, 2010


The height to which media bias has risen gives me neck strain.
In Alaska, the topper is Anchorage television station KTVA. Unbeknownst to news staffers, they were recorded plotting to identify "registered child molesters" among the crowd attending Tea Party Republican Joe Miller's rally and instigating a little chaos, ala Rand Paul.
A chagrined Miller supporter, Sarah Palin, denounced the CBS affiliates smear strategy and called them "corrupt bastards" today on Fox News Sunday.
Appropriate words for unthinkable activities on the part of so-called professional journalists.
The station manager excused the recording as saying it was too "garbled" and nothing actually happened.
Well, gee. That's a really lame excuse for shockingly unethical behavior.
Another Anchorage Media outlet, KTUU Radio, suspended conservative talk show host Dan Fagan Thursday after he encouraged his listeners to sign-up as write-in candidates in the Senate race after he accused the state supreme court of electioneering by allowing a list of write-in candidates to be handed out to voters at the polls. That decision defies the spirit of a write-in vote. Write-in candidate Lisa Murkowski supporters called for Fagan's head and threatened to put pressure on station advertisers to boycott KTUU if he wasen't fired.
While I disagree with Fagan's tactic - which prompted 150 people to add their names to the write-in candidate list, swelling that list from one page to eight - I understand his anger toward a judicial decision that clearly favors one candidate over another. Fagan should not be fired.
In most states, including Indiana, any handout or literature with a candidate's name on it is banned from the actual polling place. That is the way it should be.
Voters in beautiful Alaska have an ugly choice on the Republican side - power hungry Lisa Murkowski, who got her current seat in the Senate from daddy in 2002, when then Gov. Frank Murkowski appointed his daughter to fill a vacancy.
Joe Miller is not pristine either. He was cited for ethics violations while employed as a part-time local government attorney in Fairbanks. He has admitted using office computers to do political work on his lunch hour.
Whatever his faults, Miller does not deserve to be targeted in the way the Anchorage CBS affiliate television station plotted.
Fortunately, this dark side of media bias was exposed to the cleansing rays of public scrutiny. The voices on that call should be summarily fired.

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