Thursday, September 23, 2010


Only from the mouth of Mahmoud Ahmadinejab could such outrage pour forth and only at the podium of the United Nations - that the attack on 9/11 was an American plot cooked up to protect the Zionist regime (that's Iranian jargon for Israel).
The American delegation walked out. It would have been far more appropriate for that delegation to have boycotted Ahmadinejab in the first place. The Iranian president's diatribe came only hours after President Obama stood at the same podium calling for talks with the likes of the Iranian madman.
We have been trying to talk to Tehran for years to no avail. Trying to do so now only makes us look more diminished and weak in the world's view.
What we should do is move the United Nations off American soil so that never do we have to allow such vermin into our country again. And after relocating the United Nations, let's take a looooong look at how much financial support we provide and perhaps consider cutting back a bit. Or maybe withdrawing entirely from the so-called world body.
What is the cost benefit of our membership in the U.N.? It is a question that our next congress and our next president should consider.
Another point on Obama at the United Nations today. He claimed with a straight face that America's response to the economic crisis two years ago, which plunged most of the industrialized world into recession, saved several billion jobs.
I would like to see some facts, maybe evidence even, that backs up that statement. If it exists, it has been the best kept secret in the country; maybe the world.
American taxpayers shelled out nearly a billion dollars for the stimulus plan to nowhere that did little to cut into our own high unemployment, let alone solve that problem for the world.
Me thinks that the Obama speechwriter doth exaggerate.

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