Monday, August 30, 2010


Madam Secretary Clinton - for someone tagged the smartest woman in the world, you have just besmirched that characterization by doing a very dumb thing.
The U. S. State Department you head is preparing a report to file with the esteemed (I use that term facetiously) Human Rights Council of the United Nations asking it to review Arizona's immigration law, now on hold after the same Obama Administration filed suit to enjoin the law from going into effect at the end of July.
I might point out this is the same U. N. Human Rights Council whose membership includes such bastions of human rights advocacy as Cuba, Libya and Saudi Arabia.
What were you thinking, Madam Secretary? How deeply you and the Obama Administration have embarrassed our country and its citizens - citizens, I might add, who pay the lion's share of support to keep the doors of the United Nations open.
The State Department contends the action it took to thwart the implementation of the Arizona law is an example of how the United States is protecting human rights.
No where in its braggadocio report to the U. N. is it noted that the Arizona law was amended to mirror federal immigration law. Which makes this latest fauxpas by the Obama Administration even more troubling and embarrassing.
Arizona's feisty Governor Jan Brewer calls the State Department's report "outrageous." I cannot think of a better word to describe the State Department's action.

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