Wednesday, August 4, 2010


The plane ride aboard Air Force Two cost approximately 460,000 - each way. Then there are the 60 rooms for Michele Obama, her youngest daughter, and a few of their closest friends, at the five-star Villa Padierna Resort in Spain where rooms start at about $300 per night. Adjust that rate upwards a little, maybe a lot, and multiply by 60. Add in the cost of 70 Secret Service personnel. Then multiply it all by the five days the First Lady and her closest friends will be staying.
Oh, and tack on a few pricey amenities and transportation.
What it adds up to is a multi-million dollar tab for taxpayers and shameful behavior by the President and his wife. This kind of callus indifference is an insult to every American who can't afford any vacation; who may be trying to make ends meet on an unemployment check as more than nine percent of our fellow Americans are doing right now; or working two or three part time jobs to make up for the job from which they've been laid off.
This country is deeply in debt. We (taxpayers) can't afford this kind of extravagance.
Enough, already with the jet setting. Smooze on your own dime, Michelle.
If the Republicans gain control of the Congress in November, they should bring large hatchets to Washington in January to begin hacking away at the cost of government. And they might start with the White House travel budget.

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