Thursday, July 1, 2010


At 78, California congressman Pete Stark is well past retirement age. Both he and his constituents in his heavily Democrat district seem disinclined to put him out to pasture.
Too bad. He's a disgrace to his district and this nation.
He is, and has been for most of his 37 years in the nation's legislature, uncouth, unscrupulous and unabashedly rude to anyone who dares oppose his view, be that person a Republican president, a fellow congressman or a constituent.
At a town hall meeting last week the supercilious and self-important Stark had no answer for controlling the border with Mexico and getting a handle on illegal immigration. When asked about building a border fence, Stark, microphone in hand, leaned back smugly and said if such a fence was built he would go into the ladder business and build bigger ladders to scale a border fence.
Now, that's the way to uphold the nation's immigration laws, congressman! Remember that oath you took to uphold the American Constitution?
Guess not!
Worse, after the questioner identified himself as a member of the minutemen, Stark asked "who are you going to kill today," drawing a gasp from the audience.
Even fellow Democrats in congress cannot stomach Stark. After succeeding corrupt chairman Charlie Rangel as head of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee several weeks ago, Stark was removed just a week later by his fellow Democrats, who replaced him with Sander Levin.
Stark is a U-C Berkeley grad and an avowed atheist.
Whatever happened to the idea of term limits. Stark is a poster child for national term limit legislation.
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