Friday, July 2, 2010


Interesting how much of what Barach Obama had to say about illegal immigration is what we all heard from his predecessor - and vociferously rejected. So vociferous was the opposition to amnesty for illegal aliens that even Senator John McCain, a leading voice for the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007, which included amnesty for 11-million or so illegals (but who's counting), finally cried uncle and dropped his support.
As usual, Obama was long on rhetoric and short on specifics. No mention of building high fences. No mention of sending the military to the border. No need. Obama proclaimed the border with Mexico is safer than it has ever been.
Really, Mr. President! You might want to schedule a nose reduction job after that statement.
Especially after nearly two-dozen people were killed the very next day in a shoot-out between rival drug and human smuggling gangs in Nogales, Mexico, just 12 miles from the Arizona border.
Despite threats of federal lawsuits and economic boycotts, Arizona and its feisty governor, Jan Brewer, are not bowing to intimidation and are forging ahead with enforcing illegal immigration laws that Obama and his administration refuse to enforce.
Arizona's neighbor to the east, New Mexico, seems impervious to all the border violence and drain on its state coffers by illegal immigration. Under the leadership of Democrat Gov. Bill Richardson, a Hispanic and himself an anchor baby, New Mexico issues drivers licenses to undocumented aliens. Better yet, the state awards college scholarships to the children of those illegal aliens.
Now that's the way to secure the Hispanic vote! I wonder if any of those licensed-to-drive and well educated illegals cast ballots? Just wondering!
And Richardson is doing all this for illegal aliens despite a 76-million dollar shortfall in state revenues, according to The New Mexico Independent. But not to worry, New Mexicans! The good governor is counting on 200-million in federal stimulus dollars to make everything fiscally right in the budget year that just began.
I would like to earmark my tax dollars going to New Mexico. Do not use them for supporting the agency that issues drivers licenses to illegals and the universities that give free rides to illegals.

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