Thursday, March 25, 2010


Hypocrisy is a rather ugly word - its ugliness underscored by those who practice it. On the floor of the Senate Tuesday night hypocrisy was in full sprint as one after another members of the Senate had their votes recorded.
What were Senators voting on?
Whether the President, members of Congress, and their staffs should be covered by the newly signed healthcare bill. It was a Republican proposal. All 41 Republicans supported it. And two Democrats joined them. That was still well short of the votes needed to pass the amendment. Apparently the remaining members of the majority Democrats, who so strongly supported healthcare for the rest of America, did not deem it worthy enough for themselves.
Hypocrisy? Oh, yes.
Did the Republicans propose the amendment with a little touch of cynicism? Undoubtedly. Afterall, this is an election year and I can see the political ads already - if its good enough for the goose, why not the gander!
I am one of 300-million plus ganders and I think its high time that those who enact our laws should be equally covered by them. Congress should give up its "Cadillac" healthcare coverage and join the rest of America. If its good enough for us, why not them?

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