Sunday, March 21, 2010


If there is no honor among thieves, that is certainly true of some congressmen. Bart Stupak (D-Michigan) is a case in point. A self-described devout Catholic, Stupak, in interview after interview, vowed he would not vote for a healthcare bill that allowed publically funded abortions.
As predicted by many pundits, at the eleventh hour Stupak caved, finding political cover behind an executive order issued by President Obama banning federal funds for abortions.
That executive order is vacuous; an empty well; a lie.
No executive order issued by a president supercedes a law passed by congress. Stupak is not stupid. He obviously thinks the American public is, as well as voters in his district.
What did he get in exchange - because there is always a payoff for dishonor in congress. Stupak's district will get 700,000 for improvements to three small airports. There may yet be other earmarks for Stupak found as the public and the Republican opposition continue to troll through the massive healthcare bill.
Add Evansville Democrat Brad Ellsworth to this dishonor list. He ran on a right-to-life platform, but declared a week ago he would be a yes vote for Obamacare.
America is divided on abortion. A woman's right to choose should be respected, even by those of us who believe abortion is the taking of a human life. Our choice not to pay for that right to choose should also be respected. It was why Congress passed the Hyde Amendment in 1976 to ban federal funding for abortions. It has been the prevailing law since then; but the prevailing law no longer.
American tax dollars should never be used to pay for abortion on demand, regardless of how compelling the reason for that demand.
Some will label this miscarriage of congressional and presidential overreach an unintended consequence.
To that I say a resounding no. It is an intentional and dishonorable stealth means by a president and a political party, who advocate for abortion, to loot a little more of the moral character of our nation.

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