Friday, October 9, 2009

News reports say the audience gathered for the announcement of the Nobel Peace Prize "gasped" when the winners name was announced - Barach Obama.
My reaction when I heard the news was "what!"
What has a former attorney for ACORN; an Illinois State Senator with an unremarkable record; a U. S. Senator who spent most of the first four years in that post running for president; and a president who has managed so far, with the help of a compliant congress, to triple the nation's deficit in just nine months, soar the unemployment rate to just under ten percent and send the once proud and strong American dollar plummeting - what has this man done to win the Nobel Peace Prize. Probably the same reason another failed president, Jimmy Carter, won in 2002. Both men share a similar philosophy of a one world government that supersedes their own country and its people where all the world's people live in peace and prosperity. A noble and lofty ambition indeed, but unattainable in a world in which 15-million of their fellow Americans are without work, the federal deficit equals ten percent of the gross national production and the tanking American dollar threatens high inflation.
Obama's first responsibility is to the American people, not the world's people. And so far he hasn't done a very good job in this more limited role.
Alfred Nobel must be turning over in his grave.

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