Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A name change is in order for Bank of America. Take the America out. It seems Bank of America, which received more than 40-billion dollars in tax bail out money, courtesy of American taxpayers, does not fly the American flag at many of its branch sites on orders from corporate headquarters. And worse, the Bank of America branch manager in Gaffney, South Carolina pulled up small flags placed along the roadway in front of her Bank of America branch - placed there because it was the route a flag-draped casket, bearing the remains of a 20-year old soldier who died from wounds received in Afghanistan, would pass.
Most businesses closed to honor the fallen soldier, born and raised in that small town, and all lined their portions of the route with flags. Not Bank of America. Corporate policy claimed the branch manager. Flying the American flag is offensive to some, explained the manager.
Really. What a basis for corporate policy. If flying the American flag in America if offensive, might I suggest that those offended by such a thing buy a plane ticket and move elsewhere off our shores or better, go back to the country from which they most recently immigrated.
While Bank of America is now denying such a corporate policy, other employees of BofA branches are speaking out to say the flag poles in front of their buildings are flagless and have been for some time.
For every action there is generally a reaction. The county in which Gaffney is located has withdrawn its funds from Bank of America. So have dozens of other customers. Keep that money flowing out and maybe the Gaffney branch will be forced to close. That would be a good reaction.
Then there is that letter I received from my Medicare Advantage provider, Humana. It informed me of things I already knew - that the Obama administration wants to end Medicare Advantage plans as part of the 500-billion dollars in cuts proposed for Medicare. In its letter Humana suggested if I like my plan and want to keep it, I should contract my congressional representatives and let them know my feelings. Oh, how dastardly of Humana to suggest such a thing.
Those un-American political hacks at the White House must think so. They've ordered Humana to cease with the letters. The letters are misleading we poor ole' medicare recipients, claims the White House, which is acting at the prompting of that genial gentleman Democrat from Montana, Max Baucas, whose plan released last week would indeed eliminate Medicare Advantage plans. Translated: I and every other subscriber to such plans will get hit with much higher costs to subscribe to a traditional medi-gap plan.
There you go again, Mr. President, taxing people who make far, far less than 250,000 a year. Not to mention what the White House is doing is clearly a violation of free speech.
Humana is only the first insurer target in the sights of the White House which is acting in an authoritarian and very un-American manner, unprecedented since World War II, to squelch competition and force an eventual public option down the throats of a resisting public, all the while denying that is its motive. My, how transparent the White House can be at times.
Can you hear me Mr. Lugar and Mr. Bayh?

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