Monday, March 23, 2009


Senator Evan Bayh (D-IN) is one of a dozen or so moderate Democrats in the Senate who have indicated they feel the budget proposed by the Obama Administration is a bit of an over-reach. Yeah!!! An over-reach counted in tens of billions.
The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office has underscored those concerns with dire forecasts of a debt burden that could place the country on the verge of bankruptcy and shrewer the value of the American dollar, which equals high inflation. Anyone with a thimble of fiscal common sense can see what needs doing.
I hope Bayh stiffens his spine and demostrates the courage of his words by pushing the effort to put money for single payer healthcare, the cap and trade program, which could add 25-percent to cost of all energy, and other costly programs to the side burner until this nation's fragile economy streghtens.
There are hopeful signs this may be happening, but it could be months, even a year or more, some economists predict, before the scale of economic stability is righted. Bayh and other moderates of the Democrat ilk will certainly find willing compatriots in conservative Republicans in the Senate.
But it is Bayh and the Democrats who can make the choice between more onerous deficits and a rational approach that should include not only trimming the budget, but cutting overall government spending. A 10-percent across-the-board belt tightening would send Hoosiers without jobs and facing possible foreclosure, a strong message that the federal government does indeed, feel their pain and is ready to see that deficits will be restrained and so will tax increases.

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