Sunday, March 22, 2009

I was trolling the web, something new for me, and found that my newly published novel, Goobye, Gadsden, is listed on a Japanese website for booksellers. I think, anyway, since I don't speak or read Japanese. And it is being sold in New Zealand for the princely price of over $50. The publishers list price in America is 28.95 for the hardcover, 18.95 in softcover. When I started writing the book several years ago, I never dreamed I would be trolling the world wide web and find it for sale way out in cyberspace. How cool is that!!! And exciting! And unexpected! The book has been pulled for a week while some changes, mostly corrections, have been sent to the printer. Copyreading a book is the most difficult stage for an author. In reading the pages, an author's eyes see what the mind knows should be there and not necessarily what is actually there. So, author's make the worst copyreaders. The book is available on line at,, and and from the publisher,
A. A. Jackson
March 22, 2009

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