Tuesday, October 25, 2016


     Like most Americans, I will be glad when this most distrustful and distasteful of all political campaigns finally ends Nov. 8.  But it is the distrustful part of this campaign that could linger and diminish our democracy.
     There is no better example of the corruption that permeates our political system and government at the highest levels than that revealed in a front page story in The Wall Street Journal, no fan of Donald Trump.  The newspaper reported Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, a close friend and ally of Hillary Clinton, had supported the state senate campaign of Dr. Jill McCabe last year with a whopping $675,000.  Despite McAuliffe's largess, McCabe lost.  Her loss parallels the loss of integrity in our American system of justice.
     Shortly after Dr. McCabe's defeat, her husband, a career FBI agent, was promoted to deputy director of the agency and given oversight responsibilities for the investigation into Secretary Clinton's use of a private server and possible abuse of national security provisions.  We all know the result of that dubious and recondite investigation.  It has only affirmed the politicization of the FBI under President Obama’s already politicized Justice Department, and become a reminder of the dark years of the Nixon administration when his attorney general, John Mitchell, was forced to resign and sent to prison for corruption.
     It appears now Secretary Clinton will become the first female president of our great nation.  But she will ascend to the highest office in the land under a cloud of both alleged and proven corruption.  She will be sworn in to uphold the laws of our land and the constitution upon which those laws are constructed.  It is something she has shown in her years of public life an inability or outright refusal to do.
     This nation has survived one Clinton.  We can survive another.  Afterall, we survived Nixon and Watergate.
     More worrisome than the corruption on display in this campaign is the lifting of the blindfold from the eyes of lady justice.  This symbolizes a double standard of justice – one standard for those like the Clintons and the politically connected ilk of both national parties and another standard for non-connected Americans.

     It will take good people, with courageous voices to address upholding that which is right and lawful and wrap the blindfold back around the eyes of lady justice.  It will be done.  We are America and when we Americans place our hand over our heart and recite the Pledge of Allegiance, we end that pledge with these prophetic words, with liberty and justice for all.

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