Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Three cheers for Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK). Her resolution to prohibit the Obama Administration from back-dooring Cap and Trade legislation by allowing the Environmental Protection Agency to impose the bill through regulation will be voted on Thursday.
The Murkowski resolution has garnered some surprising support - West Virginia's staunch liberal Jay Rockefeller for one. And several other leading Democrats.
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is carrying the water for the White House and predicts the resolution will fail. Let's hope he is wrong.
No where, other than perhaps West Virginia, will the devastating economic impact of Cap and Trade regulation be felt more than here in Indiana. We mine coal in this state, especially in the southern part. Most of our plants which generate electricity are powered by coal. If the EPA gets a congressional green light to impose onerous greenhouse gas regulations, it will put Hooiser coal miners in unemployment lines.
And it will, as President Obama so famously forecast before his election, skyrocket utility bills.
Over the years average Americans have become environmentalists without joining militant environmental activists groups. We routinely recycle cardboard, aluminum cans, plastic grocery bags and newspapers, among other everyday items.
We have watched our monthly utility bills double and quadruple in the past twenty-five years without a lot of uproar as coal-fired power generating plants recovered the costs to switch from coal to natural gas or added costly electrostatic precipitators to sharply reduce sulphur dioxide and particulate emissions.
Indiana senators Bayh and Lugar need to join Murkowski.
Even as the science behind global warming is being exposed as fraudulent, there is still drum beating from Progressives and the Obama Administration to enact Cap and Trade, which is the biggest fraud of all. Unfortunately both Bayh and Lugar bought into the global warming scam.
Under the Cap and Trade bill proposed by Obama, utility bills could quadruple very quickly because it would force power generating companies to purchase so-called clean energy credits to offset any greenhouse gases pumped into the atmosphere. That would make George Soros, Al Gore and their cohorts happy. They own a big chunk of the company that would trade such credits and the Chicago-based exchange that would buy and sell such credits.
Will the air we breathe be cleaner?
What's worse, there will be less money to refurbish old power plants and build new, more environmentally friendly plants.
Cap and Trade, the bill itself or the EPA regulations, is a lose-lose for Americans. Just ask the Spanish. Spain went green in a big way several years ago. Now Spain is going broke and a quarter of its workforce have no jobs, leaving all those "green" workers in Spain singing the "blues."

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