Thursday, July 21, 2011


The Washington Post reports the Department of Homeland Security is moving ahead with spending 300-million dollars over the next four years to purchase 400 radiation detection machines that have yet to be proven work.
In a program started under the Bush Administration and continued by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, the government continues to contract with Thermo Fisher Scientific to make the unproven devices that now cost over 700,000 each - up more than 200,000 since Napolitano was appointed. (And the Obama Administration insists there is no inflation.)
If the equipment is not proven to detect nuclear devices coming into this country on ships and planes, reason and common sense would direct they not be purchased - right?
Remember the virtual fence that was to secure our southern border because George W. Bush and his Republican majority congress feared offending Hispanic voters in this country and the Mexican government headed by corrupt former president Vincente Fox?
Boeing was hired to build the virtual fence to monitor our 1500 or so mile border with Mexico with cameras and other electronic devices. After continued failures, the boondoggle program was wisely scrapped by the Obama Administration, but not before picking taxpayers pockets for one-billion dollars.
The lesson - which Washington seems never to learn - make sure it works before spending our hard earned dollars.
Could I suggest a good old fashioned, tried-and-true geiger counter. Or maybe a good old fashion enforcable warranty that insures the equipment works or we get our money back.

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