Thursday, March 24, 2011


Anger! Shock! Dismay! Rage! Pick a word in any of those categories and it is how I feel hearing Mr. Obama capped off his five day holiday in South America by announcing a sweetheart oil drilling deal for Petrobras, the Brazilian national oil company. American tax dollars - two-billion of those hard earned dollars - will be loaned to Petrobras by the American Export-Import Bank to help finance a floating oil drilling and storage rig in the Gulf of Mexico. Our federal Environmental Protection Agency quietly approved the permit even before the Obamas took flight for their South American fling. Yes, it is the very same EPA that refuses to issue permits to American drillers to drill for oil in the Gulf, and put unemployed Americans back to work, particularly those workers who lost their jobs when Obama banned deep water drilling following the BP oil disaster. What pumps my blood pressure even higher is learning most of the members of the American Export-Import Bank were appointed by Republican George W. Bush. Maybe we American taxpayers should demand board members of that bank make public their tax returns. Oh! There is also the George Soros element. It seems there is always a Soros connection where Obama is concerned. The billionaire Obama supporter holds 5.8-million shares of Petrobras through his New York based hedge fund. Just coincidence? Sorry, I don't believe in coincidence where politics and big money converge. Congress should act immediately. Block the loan. Defund all departments of the EPA that have any say in issuing drilling permits until the EPA secretary agrees to start drilling for oil, not only in the Gulf, but in Anwar, North Dakota and anywhere else on American soil where it is viable to drill for oil. And Congress should require that any oil extracted under American permits be drilled by American companies, employing only American workers and used only for domestic consumption. Not one barrel should be sold on the world oil market which is manipulated by OPEC, the Arab-dominated oil alliance. OPEC and speculators have hugely inflated oil prices. And Americans are paying big time at the pump for this corruption. Congress has the power of the purse. That gives it the power to right this wrong, and for a change, look out for the people who pay in the bucks to fill that purse.

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