Thursday, February 10, 2011


Incompetence by high government officials is always stunning. Never more so than today when the Obama appointee who is the director of the Office of National Intelligence, retired Air Force Lt. General James Clapper, told a Congressional Intelligence Committee this - the Muslim Brotherhood is, "a very heterogeneous group...largely secular...that eschews violence...and America's head of intelligence added, the Muslim Brotherhood, "decried Al Qaeda as a perversion of Islam."
Heterogeneous is a great word that will send a lot who hear it racing to their Websters to look it up. It is, unfortunately a deplorable and erroneous word choice to describe the Muslim Brotherhood, which most certainly is not a group composed of unrelated parts. It is a group founded in the 1920's that espouses Sharia Law; supports the dominance of Islam and the establishment of a world-wide caliphate; the destruction of Israel; along with assorted other typical goals of radical Islamists.
The Muslim Brotherhood gave birth to Hamas, which, the last time I checked, is on the list of terrorist organizations.
In this country, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is an admitted off-shoot of the Muslim Brotherhood.
And as for decrying Al Qaeda - was that before or after one of its members, an Egyptian physician, became Osama Bin Laden's number two guy and still is.
Oh, and yes, Clapper is the same national intelligence director that looked blank in December when asked by Diane Sawyer to respond to the arrest of 12 suspected terrorists in London several hours before the question was posed. I guess he must have overlooked his morning briefing papers.
General Clapper should be fired - NOW. He is incompetent, an embarrassment to the Obama Administration and the American people. Worse, if he symbolizes the quality of our intelligence, then God help the United States of America.

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