Monday, December 27, 2010


In a blatant countermanding of congressional intent, death panels have been resurrected by the Obama administration.
A firestorm erupted after the American public learned panels of doctors would be organized under the new healthcare act to determine if medical care should continue for elderly or critically ill patients.
Democrats quickly dropped the doctor panel provisions of the mammoth bill, while at the same time castigating Sarah Palin for aptly naming the panels what they are - death panels. The Los Angeles Times went so far as to call Palin's labeling of the physician panels as death panels the "biggest lie" of 2010.
Oh, do we wish it were so!
Now bureaucrats at Health and Human Services have resuscitated death panels through regulations - regulations which Oregon Democrat Earl Blumenauer counseled the department to keep under wraps. Unfortunately for the congressman, the New York Times failed to comply with the secretive directive.
By-the-way, Blumenauer is a true blue "professional politician." If you look up his bio on his own web page you will find he has been drinking from the public trough since college. But then, he is from Portland, Oregon, that port in any storm for liberals.
The new congress needs to act quickly and decisively by passing new legislation giving congress oversight of all regulations issued by administrative departments of government working under the executive branch (the president). If the executive branch balks at such oversight, it can file suit and under our constitution the judicial branch (supreme court) becomes the final arbiter of who has oversight power - bureaucrats or lawmakers.
It was the intent of our founding fathers that there should be a means of checks and balances over all government, particularly the legislative and executive branches.
The executive branch, through its czars and appointees, has once again over reached to the detriment of the American public which made its voice heard loud and clear at town hall meetings and at the polls Nov. 2 - voices that appear to have fallen on deaf ears at the White House.

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