Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Justice was ill-served today.
A Bill Clinton appointee to the federal bench, Susan Bolton, issued an Obama Administration-sought injunction against key parts of the new Arizona Immigration Law, known as SB 1070, rendering the new law impotent.
Arizona law enforcement officers are enjoined from asking about immigration status if a person is detained on a traffic or criminal violation.
Judge Bolton also struck down two other key parts of the Arizona law - a provision making it a crime for an illegal alien to seek or perform work; and no one, including visitors or illegals, are required to carry immigration papers.
Since the Arizona law mirrored almost identically federal immigration laws, it would appear the good judge has also enjoined federal law enforcement agents from enforcing those same provisions of federal jurisdiction.
But, since the Department of Justice argued that the federal government does not have the resources to enforce federal immigration laws anyway, it appears to be a moot point.
With nearly 11% of Hoosiers out of a job, if an illegal is hired instead of them, I guess that's okay. Unlike other countries, including Mexico, if you enter this country illegally you are not going to have to prove a valid reason for being here, according to Judge Bolton.
Which takes us back to 9/11 when most of the 19 terrorist-killers were here on over-stayed student visas and driving around on fake licenses. Unfortunately for nearly 3,000 victims, nobody questioned their papers either.
Federal attorneys admit the government cannot enforce its own laws, that the Arizona law would "overwhelm federal agencies" and thereby trump federal law.
This is lunacy.
Here are a few suggestions, Mr. President and members of Congress, that might help federal agents be less overwhelmed:
1. Build a fence from Brownsville to San Diego, a big, high fence, just like the Israeli's did to protect their people from terrorists. Drop the union-only provisions. By doing so, a lot of Americans could be back to work, paying taxes, and lowering current outlays for unemployment.
2. While real security fences are built along both the southern and northern borders of this nation, declare a one-year moratorium on all immigration. That would allow the federal government time to hire and train an immigration enforcement force big enough to handle overwhelming problems now being experienced.
3. Outlaw sanctuary cities and hold accountable government and church officials, including priests, nuns, etc., who provide sanctuary for illegals. This is not medieval Europe where sanctuary was part of both law and tradition. No where in the American Constitution is there a provision for sanctuary.
4. Pass a federal law eliminating automatic American citizenship for anyone born in this country when neither parent is a citizen of the United States by birth or naturalization. The 14th amendment to the constitution was established to ensure citizenship for African slaves and their progeny following the Civil War. Slavery had been a shameful part of this nation's history for more than two centuries until Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation. That proclamation granted slaves their freedom, but it took the 14th amendment to insure their rightful place as American citizens. The amendment was not intended to cover illegal aliens who sneak across our borders to bear babies in our hospitals, at taxpayer's expense, so they can have an "anchor baby" to help keep them in this country.
5. Get this matter to the Supreme Court and quickly. Common sense has generally prevailed in most of its recent decisions. Maybe the high court can finally end the lunacy that is our immigration policy and force Congress to adopt reforms that welcome legal immigrants who learn English and meet the requirements for citizenship; provide a guest worker program for those who have trouble finding livelihoods in their own countries; and swiftly deport those who break our laws by coming to this great nation illegally.
We are a nation of immigrants. We can continue to be. But not when the political goals of liberal politicians circumvent immigration laws to secure another voting block. And not when an inept and corrupt congress fails to demand full enforcement of the laws already written.
These narcissistic political goals and enforcement failures endanger every American by the threat of terrorists sneaking across our porous, and poorly protected borders.

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