Thursday, June 17, 2010


America is adrift in perilous waters - more perilous perhaps, than any of us have seen in our lifetimes.
Our Captain appears confused; powerless; his own lofty goals now drifting away, enveloped in a fog of nearly uncountable debt; rejected even by those who once saw the light of hope and change in his eyes. How quickly that light has faded, from their eyes, and his.
Still he ponders.
The fins of predatory enemies are circling, some close, others still far astern, equally dangerous, near or far, threatening our peace, our way life, our very lives. He first attempted to appease our enemies with apologies, even to meet those who would do us harm. The apologies only weakened our Captain. Those who did meet with him demeaned his intentions, perceived him as weak. Now our enemies circle even closer.
Our Captain seems impervious to our calls for action to save our ship of state. Our Captain offers no response to our cries to cut spending, lower taxes, overhaul a bloated bureaucracy with high salaries, liberal vacations, generous pensions and a troubling corruption that allowed porn viewing to trump reviews of investment schemes that have crippled our economy.
Still he ponders.
Our Captain came on deck to view the great black menace snaking toward us. He went back below, his ears sealed against our cries for help; sealed against offers of help from friends. The black menace now snakes into our pristine harbors.
Still he ponders.
Our Captain stepped briefly onto the bridge of our listing ship of state bridge, not to offer viable solutions, only to blame the black menace on others; not faulting his own initial indifference and inaction.
Oh Captain, our Captain, our fearful trip becomes more so each day. Your hand seems absent from the rudder. We are adrift.

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