Friday, May 21, 2010


Yesterday's appearance by Mexican President Felipe Calderon before a joint session of Congress should be an affront to every thinking American. Which may explain why the Democrat side of the aisle leaped to its collective feet in exuberant applause after Calderon parroted President Obama and asserted the new Arizona illegal immigration law would violate civil rights of Mexicans in that state illegally.
Republicans should have acted like thinking Americans and walked out. Instead, they held their applause, but remained fixed in their seats. Which is unfortunate.
Calderon also claimed that America must share the blame for the drug violence on the Mexican-American border and admonished Congress for not passing a comprehensive immigration reform bill.
Whoa, Amigo! We don't need your advice on American domestic policy.
I would love to know which group of Obama speech writers wrote the words that were spouted by this leader of a chronic third world country that, despite having big income from its rich oil resources, remains mired in violence and corruption, and its people remain mired in poverty.
El Presidente Calderon apparently hasn't read the Arizona law either, an oversight he shares with Attorney General Eric Holder and Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano.
Both Obama cabinet officials have denounced the Arizona bill as a civil rights violation waiting to happen. Holder even huffed and puffed about filing suit against the Arizona law on grounds it violates the U. S. Constitution
What Obama, Holder, Napolitano and Calderon all appear ignorant of is a 1975 Supreme Court decision which ruled under federal immigration law police can demand to see the identification of anyone, whether or not that person is stopped for reasonable suspicion, a small civil rights protection tucked into the Arizona law, but not required in federal law.
There is only one reason the White House red carpet was rolled out for Calderon. Votes! Obama is trying to impress Latino voters in this country by hosting a state dinner for the Calderon's and giving the Mexican President the ultimate platform of a joint session of Congress which he used to insult this nation.
I hope another traditional Democrat block vote was taking note - American Jews. Obama went out of his ill-mannered way to snub the Prime Minister of Israel recently, the leader of a progressive and productive nation and our only reliable middle eastern ally.
There is something very wrong with this foreign policy picture.

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