Monday, February 1, 2010


What is President Obama thinking? Is he totally tone deaf? An estimated 17-million Americans are out of work. This nation is hurting. My state is hurting. One in nine Hoosiers are among the estimated 17-plus million Americans without a job.
Against that difficult fiscal reality he proposed today a 3.8-trillion budget (up from 3.2-trillion last year), crammed full of earmarks, tax increases (including cap and trade taxes that will be added to our monthly utility bills to pay for a global warming scam), more useless stimulus proposals, and increases for many programs that should have been dumped in the recycle bin ages ago, while cutting NASA's budget and forcing that once-great American program to become nothing more than a monitor of global warming. I can only shake my head in disbelief.
Where are the spending cuts? Does Obama not feel the pain of the shrinking American pocketbook? Of course not. His living expenses and salary are covered by the largess of American taxpayers.
To shake salt on the nation's wounded economy, the proposed budget will spend 1.56-trillion more than the government expects to take in. That's called deficit spending. When an ordinary American does that, their home gets reposed, they forfeit their good credit rating and all to often, are forced into bankruptcy.
Not even the feeble spending freeze Obama touted in his state of the union sermon starts until next year.
Meanwhile, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi racked up well over two-million dollars in travel expenses using Air Force planes last year, which includes taking family members on many of her taxpayer-funded trips. Her food and adult beverage tab while aboard the Air Force planes totals well over 100-thousand dollars. That's a lot of chips and booze.

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