Saturday, January 23, 2010


It is with great sadness I learned of the passing of Mary Alice Rapp. She was a gracious, intelligent and kind woman who welcomed me and most of all, befriended me, when I joined her church. When I became a church drop-out, she was never critical and never gave up on me. She employed gentle persuasion to bring me back through God's doors, plying me with occasional lunches when we could both get away from demanding jobs and a sense of humor that never failed to evoke gales of laughter when I was in her company.
It was that gift of laughter she shared with all who knew her. And there were many. All of Evansville, Indiana's legal community knew Mary Alice as a skilled and much-honored legal secretary. She gifted her musical talents to her church, along with a willingness always to help with any project that needed doing.
Even from the distance of miles and years, I remember her fondly and know God's grace will help ease the pain her family, and all who knew her, are suffering at her loss.

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