Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Did you know that every time you breath out you are making a carbon footprint. Oh yes, that air you take in as oxygen comes back out as carbon dioxide - CO2. And there is no mouth wash to eliminate such a carbon foot print. We breathers are polluters all!
Of course, that bad, bad, bad CO2 we breath out is breathed in by tree and other flora and fauna and returned to us as - you guessed it - oxygen. It is the cycle of life.
Not so according to the ever vigilant Environmental Protection Agency. Yesterday the EPA declared what we breath out a "dangerous gas emission" and it is the main culprit in global warming.
The EPA's pronouncement on CO2 could not be more timely, coming just ahead of the United Nation's gathering on global warming in Copenhagen.
And what solid scientific data does the EPA point to as evidence that such emissions are causing global warming? Much the same data now being disparaged by the emails from the bosom of global warming scientific study - England's East Anglia University.
The old saying, timing is everything, could not be more applicable. What the EPA is doing in declaring CO2 a dangerous gas is providing itself cover for a new regulatory play - an end around President Obama's divisive and costly Cap and Trade Bill should it fail to pass, which appears likely.
But never mind. The EPA will simply impose the onerous and job killing edicts in the Cap and Trade Bill through federal regulation. The impact of such regulation will be immediate. All of us who pay monthly utility bills can expect those bills to rise an estimated $3000 annually.
But remember, we were warned by Mr. Obama when his campaign proposed Cap and Trade when he said we could expect our utility bills to, in his word, "skyrocket."
Surely there is some benefit for all this financial sacrifice by we polluting Americans who can't hold our CO2 infested breath for more than a couple of minutes? There is. Our coal burning power plants, which also emit CO2, won't have to spend billions overhauling or switching to cleaner burning natural gas, but instead, can purchase carbon offset derivatives from the likes of Al Gore and George Soros, who hold large stakes in trading companies that promise to plant more trees in Africa and other faraway places where it will be almost impossible to: 1. check to see if the trees are actually planted; 2. to see if they grow if they are planted, given there has been severe drought in many parts of Africa.
What great guys! They make the robber barons of our earlier history look like pikers.
Let's see. If I recall, Al Gore is a former Democrat vice-president who was found to have a number of inconvenient untruths in his academy-award winning movie and you will also recall his slight problem with veracity when he declared himself the founder of the internet.
As for Soros - his problem is having too much money (which he made shorting the British Pound and the U. S. dollar), which he finds a place to unload into the coffers of the Democrat Party and a number of internet propaganda machines like MoveOn.org.
The earth may indeed be warming. Warming and cooling cycles are part of nature. North America was in the throes of a "mini-ice age" when the Pilgrims landed in New England. As late as the mid-1970s news magazines were reporting a similar icy plight for the earth. Gee, how computer models have changed all that.
I just wish those same computer models would let us know for sure what will be happening weather-wise tomorrow. Why if such computer models are so often wrong about a seven-day forecast, can they be so right about global warming and its consequences?

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