Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Washington Democrats are on full "mob" alert. And well they should be. I mean, really, can you blame them? After all, those attending a town hall meeting with a northeastern congressman had the audacity to shout "liar" when the congressman told them that the proposed healthcare bill would result in a future surplus of six-billion dollars. Really, congressman. Any facts to back that up? Medicare and Medicaid are already going broke. So where is the six-billion dollar surplus coming from when we add another 50-or so million to the healthcare rolls.
Don't be so quick to doubt the congressman. Afterall, when they cut back drastically on medicare, there may just be enough money for the currently uninsured, which includes, of course, the 18-million or so who have entered this country illegally. Count one of Mr. Obama's aunts among those residing here illegally.
As for those American citizens attending town hall meetings across the nation, they've turned into a mob according to an ad produced by the Democrat National Committee. And it is a mob being egged on by plants placed within their ranks by those most villainous of political groups - Republicans and lobbyists - who, according to the ad, are also funding the mobs.
After viewing numerous video tapes of several town hall meetings between Democrat congressmen and their constituents, it looks to me like those rowdy mobs are made up of a lot of senior citizens, sprinkled with a large sampling of middle-agers.
Oh, those pesky seniors. Why aren't they in nursing homes instead of attending town hall meetings. Don't they know their place?
Not to worry. President Obama and the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have a plan to deal with such rowdy behavior by senior citizens, and Speaker Pelosi promises it will be law by Christmas.
Check the part of the healthcare reform bill that calls for seniors to consult with counselors about continuing their time on this earth. And if they don't agree to an end of life plan, then their access to healthcare can just be cut off. Am I seeing shades of Soylent Green.
Oh! And if you happen to hear any "misinformation" about the healthcare plan spouted by those attending town hall meetings or bloggers like me, let the White House know. Just call or email them the name of whoever is putting out this "misinformation" and include the miscreants address, telephone number, drivers license number, social security number or any other information that will be helpful to the White House to insure they initiate retribution against the right person. God forbid, they sic the IRS, the FBI, the CIA or worse, the Chicago Mafia on the wrong offender. Mr. Obama, how Nixonesque you are becoming!
Last time I checked my atlas, Indiana is still in the United States of America where we have freedom of speech. Isn't that what it says in the Constitution? We do, of course, unless it offends the White House and congressional Democrats. I'm still searching for that exception in the Constitution.
Since it appears to be pesky seniors who are complaining the loudest about the proposed healthcare reform bill, you would think Pelosi and Reid, both rather long in the tooth themselves, would lend a sympathetic ear. But then - they are not including themselves in the same healthcare plan proposed for the rest of us.

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