Friday, May 15, 2009

Nancy Pelosi's performance at her ill-conceived news conference yesterday was enough to send any self-respecting lie detector machine into rehab. She was so nervous it would have sent a detector's neddle spinning off the meter. Then she heaped fallacy onto lying by accusing the CIA of misrepresenting the truth. She has accused the CIA of committing a federal crime - lying to Congress. Unfortunately for Pelosi, the facts do not support her accusations. Why is it I tend to believe this nation's intelligence agency more than a member of Congress. Duh!!
Pelosi's prevarication is of Shakespearean proportions and is heading her long career to an end worthy of a Shakespearean tragedy.
I must confess, despite my strong conservative leanings, I felt a sense of pride when a woman finally took the gavel as the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Her actions since have replaced that sense of pride; first with frustration, then growing anger and now - shame.
President Obama, of course, wants us all to overlook Pelosi's lies by looking forward, not backward. Sorry Mr. President, that is not a forward looking suggestion. Pelosi had called for a "truth commission" to investigate what she irresponsibly labelled crimes by members of the Bush Administration. Be careful what you wish for, Speaker Pelosi, when it is you who could become the target of such a commission.
This nation does not need to waste time with a "truth commission." What we need is new leadership banging the gavel in the House of Representatives.
Do what all such pious prevaricators should do, Mrs. Pelosi. Resign your speakership. And do it quickly and save the country and yourself more embarrassment.

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